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Get same-day windshield repair services in El Paso, TX

Did you know that 86% of windshield damage can be fixed? No one wants to spend money on an expensive windshield replacement, and with the help of Optic-Kleer El Paso you may be able to avoid it a little longer. Since we began doing windshield repairs in 1991, we've saved roughly 6,251 tons of glass from being thrown into local landfills in El Paso, TX.

Don't let a small crack turn into a massive spiderweb - call 915-309-4977 now to schedule a windshield crack repair appointment. Your car, truck or commercial vehicle repair may even be covered under insurance.

Learn about the leading causes of windshield damage

If your vision is impaired by glass cracks and chips, don't wait to schedule reliable windshield repair services. Our skilled technicians can repair windshield damage that comes from:

Flying rocks

Violent hailstorms

Head-on collisions

All it takes is 20 minutes to complete your windshield crack repair. To take advantage of our services, contact us today.