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Learn about our 5-step quality assurance checklist

When you schedule auto glass repair services from Optic-Kleer El Paso, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. To make sure your repair is completed correctly, we'll follow these steps:


we'll inspect the vehicle for any hidden damage

Paint protection preparation

we'll protect your car from tool damage and debris

Certified parts installation

we'll use certified parts from reputable suppliers to complete repairs

Safe drive time debriefing

we'll explain when your vehicle can get back on the road safely


we'll inspect your vehicle one last time for workmanship and quality

Let your headlights shine bright

In addition to doing auto glass repairs and replacements, our crew also provides thorough headlight restoration services. Take a look at your headlights. Are they scratched, scuffed or foggy? If so, stop by our shop to shine them up. No appointment is required.

Call 915-309-4977 now to learn more about our headlight restoration services.

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Catch Windshield Problems Early

Hire our pros to complete your windshield replacement in El Paso, TX

It's no secret that windshield damage could be dangerous for you, your loved ones and other drivers. Cracks and chips in your glass will limit your visibility, weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle and prevent the proper deployment of your airbags in the event of an accident.

Don't take the risk - stop by Optic-Kleer El Paso at the first sign of damage for windshield replacement services in El Paso, TX.